Commercial law

This area of our practice covers advising clients on commercial agreements, contracts, terms and conditions and general commercial matters. The advice we provide can be project based for specific matters or can be continuing support for our clients' businesses. Examples of some of the frequent areas we deal with are as follows:

  • Agency
  • Confidentiality and other restrictions
  • Distribution and distributorship agreements
  • General commercial
  • General contract
  • Supply of goods
  • Supply of services

Examples of work carried out

1 We advised one of our clients in relation to tendering for a large commercial telecoms contract.  The advice covered the initial assessment of the tendering documents, preparation of the clients' tender and agreement to the principal terms, once our client was successful in being awarded the contract. Disputes arose during the tendering process which we negotiated for our client, ghosting letters and providing support so our client could persuade the other side to their way of thinking.

“We dealt with the negotiation, funding/escrow arrangements and worked within the Canadian time zones.”

2 Many situations arise from the supply of goods and services. Some of our clients trade internationally and we recently dealt with a complicated commercial contract with a Canadian company, on behalf of our client who was purchasing high value technical goods from them. We dealt with the negotiation, funding/escrow arrangements and worked within the Canadian time zones. The contract was completed in a very short period of time allowing for certain financial benefits for our client.

3 We have received various instructions from clients in relation to commercial agency arrangements – a notoriously complicated and risky area of law. If an agency agreement is wrongly drafted, the liability to the client can run to hundreds of thousands of pounds. The most recent instruction for the preparation of an agency agreement was for clients who had designed and manufactured a unique tool, for which they required the assistance of a commercial agent to effectively get to market. The concern for the client was getting the agreement executed swiftly so that the earning potential of the tool could be realised, the agreement was complete and sent to the other party much quicker than the client thought was possible.